When Windows 8 RP was released we’ve said that we can able to try Windows Media Center in Windows 8 RP without paying anything, today we’re going to cover how to replace Windows Media Player 12 library background in Windows 8 with your desired image or with existing wallpaper on your desktop. Though WMP doesn’t plays all file formats but it comes by default in Windows 8 many users without installing external player like VLC can play various audio or video files, rip audio CDs, sync digital media files to a portable device, etc., if you’re bored with default background shown for Windows Media Player 12 library in Windows 8 you can replace it easily with a custom image or with current desktop wallpaper- the freeware portable app that makes it possible is WMP12 Library background Changer.

Setting Custom Image or Current Wallpaper as WMP12 Library Background in Windows 8

Before running the program, search for Windows Media Player when Start Screen is active and “Pin it” to start screen. Now launch it from the start screen and finish its setup with recommended settings or customize player to your liking.

Now all you need to do is download the wmplibbg program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run wmplibg executable located in “windows8Native” folder. The program shows default library background of WMP12, now click on “Replace button” and select any image from hard drive and click ok to set it as WMP library background.

WMP12 background Changer

If you want to replace WMP library background with that off your current wallpaper click on “Replace with Wallpaper”, click on “Restore” button on program window at any time to revert back to default background. We’ve tested this program on Windows 8 and it worked perfectly.

WMP in Windows 8 with wallpaper backgroundWMP library with custom image

You can download this program from here.