Security vendor Webroot has released Webroot System Analyzer, free tool which analyzes your system in 24 areas and gives detailed report on performance and security of your system  in less than 2 minutes, it’s usual for security vendors to release these kind of tools but we impressed with Webroot System analyzer as it gives  some recommendation for system improvements and also its quite useful for system admins or technical or IT professionals to look issues in individual PCs and fix them.

Here is what Webroot says about their system Analyzing tool, it “quickly scans your PC for threats, identities problematic hardware and analyzes system information to diagnose and correct problems before they occur.

Webroot System Analyzer

All  you need to do is download the tool and run the scan straight away by clicking on “begin analysis button”. The scan completes quickly, tool shows summaries information on detected issues, improvements on a window, you can view full report by clicking on option provided at the bottom.

system analysis completed

Issues detected in my system are

  • Important Updates not installed
  • Automatic updates disabled
  • a New Service Pack available for operating system which should be installed.
  • User Account Control disabled.
  • The phishing filter in Internet Explorer is disabled and won’t block fraudulent websites.

We do know most of the above issues detected by Webroot System Analyzer earlier to the scan. But this tool definite help to technicians in while examining their customers PCs.

The tool recommended to change password of Windows user account and also suggests to switch to 64-bit OS which uses most of installed RAM. Other recommendations are: run Windows as standard user than with admin privileges. From the report it generates it seems impossible for me to find high resource using processes in my system.

System is fine in these areas and no action required from user

  • No infections, System is protected by an active and up-to-date antivirus product, Firewall
  • System appears to be running reliably without frequent crashes.
  • Sufficient disk space is available for the normal operation of your computer.
  • There are a low number of temporary files on your system.
  • All attached devices have reported to be functioning properly.
  • System hardware is sufficiently powered for your operating system and applications to run
  • Using a multicore, multithreaded processor.
  • System screen resolution and bit depth are high enough to support true color images.

The above entries resembles system with antivirus with updated virus definitions, activated Firewall is stable and has no infections. System hardware for PC is suffice for current OS and applications to run.

You can download Webroot System Analyzer from here.