Few days back, Microsoft has released Consumer Preview of Office 2013 for public testing and if you don’t know- Office 2013, or office 15 can be installed along with other Office product on your Computer like Office 2003 or Office 2007 or Office 2010, if you want to uninstall Office 2013 after testing, it is as easy as uninstalling from Programs and Features in Windows 7/8 but..

you need to complete one more step before that, that is you need to deactivate it. You will know the reason for office deactivation below and let us see how we can uninstall Office 2013 after the deactivation.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Quick Start Guides in PDF Format

Why we need to deactivate Office 2013 before its uninstallation?

If you ask the reason for office deactivation -Microsoft allowed single user to install their Office 15 preview up to on 5 machines, as we’ve installed the program from Office website online by signing with Microsoft account or Hotmail account, we need to deactivate it from there before uninstallation by signing again.

To deactivate Office 2013, visit http://www.office.com/myaccount in your browser, after signing in, the page shows number of office installations you’ve done on PCs and how many installs remaining for you (since I’ve installed Office on my single PC for one time, that’s why it is showing available installs as 4 of 5). All you need to do now is click on Deactivate button, and further click “OK” to the dialog displayed on the screen.

office deactivation page

It’s true that deactivating office doesn’t remove Office from our Computers as confirm dialog tells you. What deactivation does is makes all you Office 2013  applications and files as read-only means you cannot create, edit and save the documents now.

How to Remove Office 2013 Plugin From Firefox and Chrome Browsers

Uninstalling Office 2013

From Control Panel>Programs and Features> Select Office 365 Home Premium Preview and click Uninstall button,

office uninstall dialog

Restart your Computer once uninstallation is completed (even if Windows here doesn’t prompt for a quick restart).

office uninstallation finished

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Repair Previous version of Office installed on your Computer

You should remember that this uninstallation makes your Office applications installed before not working as before, to fix them, you need to repair those Office applications from the Control Panel.

What to do if Office 2013 uninstallation fails?

If you’re unable to uninstall Office 2013 from your Computer or if you encounter errors during its uninstallation, then you need to either reinstall it to uninstall properly or delete Office folder and related files and wipe office files using registry cleaner, since it’s a  pre-release software you can’t a expect a Fix it tool from Microsoft.

Update: Remove Office 2013 or Office 365 Completely with Fix It Released by Microsoft