Recently we’ve covered about program update of Classic Shell which boots directly to Windows 8 desktop, another app Start8 from Stardock corporation which claims to bring start menu to Windows 8 has been updated today, this program now automatically loads Windows desktop  after login.

We’ve not reviewed Start8 in the past when the app was released even though we knew about it, because the app claims it  brings the start menu but failed to do so (we’re here talking about Windows 7 like Start menu though they’re not mentioned about that) only adds Start button to Windows 8 task bar which kind of we don’t like it, this app on clicking the start button shows apps on Windows 8 with metro UI. Today we’ve tested this program on Windows 8 RP and found that it offers some additional features which we’re also going to talk below.

Start8 bypasses Windows 8 Metro Start Screen after Startup

After installing this program on Windows 8, it asks before the completion of setup with a dialog  “would you like to automatically go to the desktop when you log in to this Computer “, if you click Yes this option will be enable in the program, if you click “No” you can still enable this by right-clicking on Start button and selecting “on login go to desktop”.

automatically go to the desktop dialog

We’ve tested this program on Windows 8 and its working fine as stated. You can access all the options of program by right-clicking on Start button.

Start8  options

This program allow to show full screen metro start screen and you can set Win key to show the full screen for the same too.

Add Official Windows 8 logo as start orb in Windows 8

We’ve spotted that Start8 allows to change the start button on Windows 8 taskbar with a custom one, they offer some start orb images which you can access by selecting “pick a different start button image”, we’re excited to see official Windows 8 logo in that. So you can set start orb similar to that off official one using Start8 program.

You can download this program from here. You need to provide email address to get download link of the Start8.

Closing words

There’re rumors that Microsoft may remove legacy code that allows third-party apps to re-enable  start button and start menu in final version of Windows 8, then those apps may not work but you can still enjoy features offered by Start8 and Classic Shell till Windows 8 final which to release on August, next month.