CCleaner aka crap cleaning tool from Piriform cleans privacy traces from browsers, and its not a surprise that lot of users use this tool on Windows and Mac to protect their privacy by erasing browsers history and clean up of temporary and junk files also optimizes your Computer performance and saves disk space too.

CCleaner offers the option to automatically run at system startup, but I want it to run before shutting down Windows, thinking whether it can be possible if CCleaner cleans the internet cache of browsers and there after shuts down Windows automatically, I searched on docs pages provided in Piriform site and found a command line switch which completes these two tasks.

UpdatePiriform Adds Shutdown after Cleaning option to CCleaner

Create a Shortcut for CCleaner to auto Shutdown Windows after silent cleaning

Now we’re going to create a shortcut for CCleaner by appending /AUTO /SHUTDOWN switch at its end, for this, right-click on empty space on desktop, browse for New > Shortcut, now use Browse button to locate and select CCleaner executable in CCleaner Directory and under Program Files.

The full path of CCleaner.exe is “C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe” (with quotes), now after the space, add /AUTO/SHUTDOWN switch and click “Next” and name it for e.g as  “CCleaner  Clean and shutdown” or whatever you like, and click “Finish” button, now the shortcut is created on the desktop.

ccleaner shortcut

How to Clean Windows.old Folder in Windows 8.1 using CCleaner

You must add /AUTO prior to /Shutdown, so auto cleaning is compulsory here. From now onwards before Windows shutdown, double click on shortcut we just created, CCleaner then runs silently and automatically and your Computer will be auto shutdown after that, isn’t that magical?.

You can even define a keyboard shortcut by right-clicking on the shortcut we created just now and save mouse clicks on the shortcut.

shortcut key