Today we’ve covered how to remove unnecessary SkyDrive Pro Context Menu entry in Windows 7, we’re going to fix another annoyance installed by Office 2013 on systems: that’s Microsoft Office 2013 plugin in Firefox and Chrome browsers. Till now, we used to have programs installing third-party extensions on our browsers without consent, seems they don’t want to leave Plugins either.

If you’ve installed technical preview of Office 2013 on your Computer with Chrome and Firefox installed, you could have already known by now that office 2013 SharePoint plugin installed in these browsers, the plugin description says “this plugin allows you to have a better experience with Microsoft SharePoint”.

Chrome Office Viewer Extension: View Microsoft Office Files in Browser

If you don’t want this plugin, here is how to delete Office 2013 SharePoint plugin from Firefox and Chrome browsers

First check if this Plugin was installed for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

1. In Firefox, you can do this by opening Add-ons Manager, and click “Plugins” on left-side of the screen.

office 2013 plugin in firefox

2. In Chrome, type about:plugins in address bar.

office 2013 plugin in Chrome

Here disabling the Plugin won’t uninstall or remove it from your Computer.

Finding path of Office 2013 plugin

We need to find full path of plugin and delete the file from there, for this, in about:plugins page click on “Details” button on top right of the page of which shows information for each plugin like Name, Version, Location, Type, MIME types as shown below in the screenshot.

location or path of office plugin

Here for Microsoft office plugin, note the path, and the path looks like this as below in x86 system

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\Office15\NPSPWRAP.DLL

Now navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\Office15 via Run command and backup NPSPWRAP.DLL to a folder, so that you can restore in future if necessary, now delete this file.

Remove Office 2013 or Office 365 Completely with Fix It Released by Microsoft

If you you haven’t closed Firefox during this process, refresh the Plugins page in Firefox, it now shows “remove” button for the plugin, click on it to remove from Firefox and restart the browser.

Restart Chrome also. That’s it! Office 2013 plugin successfully removed from Chrome and Firefox browsers.