Recently Month back, Opera has released  Opera 12 with support for themes and Do Not Track feature, if you’re experiencing issues in Web Twitter on Opera such as tweeting, replying to tweets or in seeing the Trendy Topics let me tell you you’re not alone, lot of users seems affected with this and Opera acknowledged that and released a fix to stop these issues.

All you need to do is open Opera and from Help menu select “check for updates” when Opera shows ”you’re using the latest version of Opera” dialog click Ok which immediately downloads fix in the form of JavaScript file, now restart browser and visit Twitter again this time Twitter should work for you.

Twitter on Opera

How to Fix Twitter Issues in Opera 12

To know updated JavaScript file downloaded for your Opera and fixed twitter issues visit in Opera which should highlight the message on the page with this text “Target version and time stamp of the active browser.js file is  Opera Desktop 12.00 core 2.10.289, July 17, 2012. Active patches: 218 “.

It seems Opera downloaded the JS patch to our browser as well we’re unaware of this as we use Firefox as default browser.

Have you encountered issues in Twitter on Opera? has the fix solved the issues? let us know in comments.

Source: Chooseopera blog