By this time you might have heard the news about public release of Office 2013 consumer Preview, have you installed Office 15 beta on your Computer? if not you can download the same from office preview website after signing with your Hotmail or Microsoft account, if you’re wondering when Office 2013 Preview will expire you’re on right place.

When Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview/Beta will Expire

Microsoft confirms in Office CP FAQs that if you’ve installed Office 365 plan which most usually do, Office will expire exactly 60 days after the the next version of office availability in market, here next version meaning could be the final of Office 2013. User start receiving the notifications before expiration, once Preview of Office expires all office apps will enter read-only mode and user no longer can create new documents, edit or save them.

Office 203 Preview

Here one thing we can’t understand is how Office 2013 Preview able to expire automatically exactly 60 days after release of next Office version, even Microsoft not revealed the release date of Office 2013, since click-to-technology applied for Preview of Office 2013 by default configured to install automatic updates, Microsoft may push the update when its next version is released, that way Preview may expire after 60 days.

Another assumption we’ve is that Microsoft may deactivate Office 2013 for all Microsoft accounts after the release of office 2013 plus + after period of sixty days which makes office apps enter read-only mode. This assumption is may not be possible.