Things to do after installing Windows or after removing viruses from your Computer is to check  status of security settings in Windows such as Windows Firewall, antivirus, UAC and other things, though Action Center in Windows alerts you with notifications via system tray if it detects any security issues or settings related to we talked above, if you’re looking for a tool that checks Windows security settings and resets them to default automatically then Microsoft Malware Prevention Troubleshooter is all you need, MMPT is a Fix It tool released by Microsoft which diagnoses and fixes Windows Security problems automatically.

What is Microsoft Malware Prevention Troubleshooter for ?

“The Microsoft Malware Prevention trouble shooter is designed to scan your computer and make recommended changes based on your current settings to provide you with the most up to date security for your Windows operating system. Building up your computer’s defenses helps secure your computer against viruses and other malicious software”.

Microsoft Malware Prevention Troubleshooter Fix It Tool

This tool fixes the following security problems in Windows

  • The basic and most needed thing which always needed to be enabled in Windows is Firewall, if it’s status not enabled then you’re allowing hackers and malwares to take control of your system, this tool checks Windows Firewall configuration and repairs as needed.
  • Antivirus installed on Windows system to protect from viruses, if this tool spots your Antivirus is out of date it prompts you to update, if no antivirus detected on your system then it recommends you to use MSE, (remember only Genuine Windows users can able to install MSE on their systems)
  • If automatic updates are enabled, you’ll be protected from latest vulnerabilities by installing those updates, MMPT checks Windows Update and turns on if disabled
  • Checks Windows policies to determine bad settings in the Windows Registry.
  • Checks Internet Explorer privacy setting to determine how cookies are handled.
  • Resets Remote Registry back to default to prevent remote modification.
  • Resets User Account Control (UAC) to default to prevent unauthorized changes to computer.
  • Clears Internet Explorer history and cache.
  • Checks if Internet Explorer is up to date.

You can download this tool from here and run on your system to  let it to check for security  issues and fixes them automatically on your Computer.