Yesterday IObit has released first beta of it flag ship product Advanced SystemCare 6, to see what new features it offers we’ve installed it on our Computer to our surprise it installed “Advanced SystemCare Surfing Protection” extension for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers that too without our permission, and they’ve not mentioned about the add-on during the setup, that is really annoying and bad on part of IObit even though it is beta there should at least a checkbox on the install wizard during the setup that lets user opt-out of it.

ASC6 installs Advanced SystemCare Surfing Protection add-on and toolbar

AFAIK IObit not installed any extensions in their ASC v5 series but if you install beta 1 of ASC 6 it will install the add-ons which claims to “protect your Computer from malicious website attack”, this add-on adds its icon in the address bar of browser and shows site safety rating for the page or site you’re on  and it shows these icons in search results of Google and Bing Similar to WOT and Avast Webrep. if you hover over the icon on address bar or for any search result it shows “the site is safe” message for a safe site.

Advaced SystemCare Surfing Protecion icon

It’s a surprise that Firefox 14.0.1 not prompted us with a dialog to allow or cancel the install of this add-on, generally Firefox lets the user know about third-party add-on install with a dialog and extension will only be installed unless if permitted by the user, that’s not the case here, something for Mozilla to look into in future to stop these add-ons from automatically installing without showing opt-in dialog.

For IE8, ASC6  installed Advanced SystemCare surfing Protection (add-on) toolbar and BHO of Advanced SystemCare browser Protection. Thank god it not modified the search settings and homepage for any of installed browser.

What do think of all this stuff from IObit? share with us in comments.