Plugins like Flash, Remoting Viewer, Native Client, Chrome PDF Viewer are enabled by default in Chrome, when we install Silverlight, Java and third-party PDF Reader software, their respective plugins will be installed in the browser. Though Chrome integrated plugin like Flash will be updated automatically, but not the third-party ones like Java, Silverlight, etc. Recently most security researchers recommended to ditch Java if you don’t use it. Let’s take a look at how to remove Java or any other plugin from Chrome.

Remove Java Deployment Toolkit Plugin in Firefox in a Easy Way

To view list of plugins installed in Chrome, type about:plugins

List of plugins installed in my Chrome browser are

  • Flash
  • Remote Viewer
  • Native client
  • Silverlight
  • Sumatra PDF Plugin
  • Google Update
  • Java

installed plugins in chrome

Removing Java Plugin from Chrome

I’ve already uninstalled Java from Control Panel, but still Chrome plugins page showing Java plugin installed and shows status to “download critical security update”. Disabling the plugin won’t remove or uninstall the plugin from your Computer, hence you need to remove it. Since no Java installed on my Computer, I decided to remove this annoying and unsecure plugin from chrome browser and here is how.

Now all you need to do is click on “Details” on top right side of about:plugins page to expand and get information for each plugin like version number, Name, Location, Type and MIME types. Now you can see the location of all plugins including Java.

Java Plugin location

Note the location of plugin, here for Java is


Disable or Enable All Java Plugins in browsers with a Single Click

Navigate to C:\Windows \System32 directory via run command, find npDeployJava1.dll file and backup it to a separate location in your hard drive for future use. Now delete this file.

Now Java plugin for Chrome has been removed, you can follow this procedure to remove any other plugin in Chrome.