After one year of testing yesterday AVG has removed the Beta tag of MultiMi and released stable version, if you don’t know MultiMi is a Social Aggregator that lets you access all updates from email and social accounts from one place after connecting your accounts, coming to the point we’re not impressed with MultiMi- installation took lot of time, more than an hour that’s annoying and it pops up the notification about messages every time for 5 minutes, though you can configure Notifications time interval but we thought it doesn’t suits us, today I decided to uninstall MultiMi but realized that I have connected my Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and  Hotmail accounts to get the updates.  Through AVG says all information related to accounts stored locally on users’ Computers we thought its better to disconnect those accounts from MultiMi and here is how.

Disconnect and Removing Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts from MultiMi

Open MultiMi from its tray icon or from the All Programs on Start Menu

Click on Settings icon which appears on right corner of the window after Search box and shows four tabs on open: Accounts, Add Accounts, Profile and Advanced. Accounts tab displays all your connected  accounts here

connected accounts in MultiMi accounts tab

To Disconnect and remove Twitter account from MultiMi

1.Click on your Twitter account, click “disconnect” button that appears on top of right side of window, confirm to remove your account and all content from MultiMi by clicking “yes” button.

disconnecting Twitter account

Now sign  into Web Twitter settings>Apps and click on “Revoke access” for MultiMi.

2. Come back to Accounts tab and click on Facebook>click on disconnect and further click OK to confirm removal of your Facebook account and its information in MultiMi.

Sign into Facebook>account settings> apps “edit” for MultiMi and click on “remove app”, make sure to check “delete all app activity” before clicking Ok button.

3. You can similarly delete all your email accounts you connected like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. You can then go ahead and uninstall MultiMi from your Computer.