Adobe has released Flash Player 11.3.300.265 for Windows and Mac which fixes critical audio and stability issues, Adobe resolved issue existed in flash player previous version- for some users with certain sound cards on Windows XP experienced garbled audio and some on windows Vista and 7 have not heard sound at all while flash videos are playing. Other issues fixed include: upload button not working on Photoshop website and video not playing for Disneyconnection and other stability issues are also fixed in this release.

Adobe Fixes Audio issues with Flash Player

If you’re affected with audio issues when flash videos are playing, culprit is flash player, download this version to fix those issues. It may take some time for the Adobe Flash player updater in your Computer  to grab the update, you can download and install latest Flash Player version from Adobe website.

flash player 11.3.300.265

Remember before this release we’re on 11.3.300.262 (for non-IE browsers), after installing this update you should be on 11.3.300.265. And you should also see this version number in Task manager represents Sandboxed flash player for Firefox.

If you’re still experiencing flash crashes in Firefox after installing this update, Adobe asking affected users to assist them by submitting crash reports happen after downloading and installing Firefox 15 Aurora. That way after analyzing crash logs created and submitted with Firefox 15 adobe can gather the critical details missed from crash reports generated from Firefox 13 and 14 versions.

Are you looking for flash player offline installers! you can download them from here.

Read Flash Player 11.3.300.265 release notes.