Mozilla introduced Reset feature in Firefox 13 which fixes major issues in browser without need to reinstall and also brings fresh install experience for the user. Reset removes add-ons, toolbars installed by the user but migrates bookmarks, passwords, cookies, history and form data from old profile to the new one. Story over! Not we’ve found that after reset Firefox adds old profile folder to the desktop and renames it to “ Old Firefox Data”.

old firefox profile folder

Firefox leaves Old profile folder on desktop after reset

Here Firefox could have cleaned up this, but for some reason Firefox doesn’t removes this folder, don’t know why? Seems Mozilla wants to play safe and left the choice to user in removing the folder. This folder is of size is 42.5 MB and of no use, so removing it is better option IMO but let me tell you if you do more than one reset in short period of time for Firefox, then you’ll be left with more of these folders on desktop, that can be a problem?.

Update: You may like to know How to Restore Old Firefox Profile Data After Reset

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