Firefox 14 is officially scheduled to release today, but a minor change here you need to notice is that version number has been changed to from 14 to 14.0.1 to match with Firefox 14.0.1 for Android release today, so latest release is Firefox 14.0.1 . As usual we’ve covered the security and privacy improvements offered by this version of Firefox when its beta was released.

Here is a recap of all that – Firefox 14 now uses HTTPS Google search by default, your privacy is protected, referrers from the search results won’t know your visits to their sites, only Google knows what you’ve searched for, Mozilla now sends all queries to Google from their browser through a secure connection.

Mozilla ditched showing favicons for websites in location bar, the site identity manager updated now shows lock icon only for secured sites, you can read more details about this minor security change which prevents some malicious websites with lock favicon from spoofing users as secured sites.

Firefox 14.0.1

Click to Play feature: Click to Play feature in Firefox allows to activate plugins on demand, this feature is disabled by default you need to enable “plugins.click_to_play” in about:config. Read more information on how to also set site specific permissions for opt-in plugins after activating the feature.

Inline URL Autocomplete: Firefox fills URLs automatically as you type, they’ve now enabled URL autocomplete by default, if you don’t like this you can disable it, read How to Disable URL Autocomplete in Firefox 14 Address bar.

This release brings Full screen support for Mac OS X Lion. Here are what’s new in Firefox 14.0.1 for developers

  • Pointer Lock API has been implemented
  • New API to prevent your display from sleeping
  • New text-transform and font-variant CSS improvements for Turkic languages and Greek

You can download Firefox 14.0.1 from below links