We all know Google+ allows you to send a message to any one using Google+, Gmail or any other email users, today Mike Elgan shared in Google+ that G+not only lets you email to someone (to both known and unknown people) but also lets you edit or delete the message before or after read by the recipient. Unlike to email sent from email providers you’ve full control over the message once you sent it from G+, lets take a loot at this interesting and confusing feature, why I said confusing you know that after reading the post.

Google Plus lets you Edit the Email after you’ve Sent It

Sending an email to G+ user from G+

If you send a message to Google+ user and if you edit the message before read by recipient he will get the edited email, which allows him to view this post or comment on it from his/her Gmail account it self. If you delete this post recipient gets “This post no longer exists” when he accesses it.

sending email from Google plusemail received

One more interesting privacy option G+ provides if you get the second message from same G+ user it lets you reply to that post or Mute updates to that post from your Gmail account, you can visit G+ and change these emails send from G+ by others. As a privacy measure Google suggests you to remove your email signature before replying, fine when dealing with unknown people.

reply to Google plus email

Sending email to Gmail user from G+

Like above if you send a message to Gmail user, he needs to “Join Google+” to view or comment on the message. If you’ve deleted the message when recipient access it in Gmail it shows “This post could not be found “message.

I don’t know this till now, it may not be a secret but may not known by most of users in G+. Thanks to [Mike Elgan on G+].