Google implements SPDY protocol for their Google services which offers faster loading of pages over HTTP, at present Chrome and Firefox are the browsers that support SPDY, Opera has released labs build with support for SPDY which is available for you to download and test. FYI,  SPDY is the protocol developed by Google as an replacement to HTTP which reduce latency of the pages and speeds up page loading.

Opera Labs build is different from Opera Next and Opera Labs browser has “Opera Labs” text after Opera icon, that’s the way to distinguish between Opera Next and Opera Labs releases. We still don’t know when Opera Ships their stable version with SPDY we’ve to wait for that.

Currently SDPY/2 and SPDY/3 protocols are used in the web, Opera supports both these protocols except PUSH and HINT, the alternate-protocol header and persisting settings values. In performance tests conducted by Opera on Windows SPDY gave 38.67% performance boost when compared to HTTPS in the network layer.

You can find more information on Opera’s SPDY build (labs) and download the same from here.