With recent Announcement on Twitter to Do Not Track support we came to know that social buttons from Facebook and Twitter also track us, there are other analytics code embedded on websites from Google and Yahoo allows website owners in tracking users, and ad networks track your visits to websites and gather your personal information that helps them to show relevant information. AVG 2012 SP1 update added DO Not track and Wi-fi guard features, we learned that AVG Do  Not Track blocks some ad networks by default but allows user to choose to block other websites that contain social buttons and Google Analytics tracking code from tracking you.

After installing AVG 2012, AVG Do Not Track installs as add-ons for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. AVG DNT doesn’t shows any notifications by default, but its icon on browser toolbar shows count of trackers on the site, you can click on it to view trackers and use “block all” button to block all of them from tracking. 

AVG Do Not Track

Disabling AVG Do Not Track in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

AVG Do Not Track is enabled by default which supports W3C DNT and automatically tells web sites that you do not want to be tracked, here is how you can disable it if you want.

For Firefox and Chrome browsers

  • If you can click on AVG DNT icon, it shows “trackers on this page”  pop-up which contains Settings
  • Click on Settings to access AVG Do Not Track Settings > uncheck or remove tick mark for “Notify web sites that I do not want to be tracked”.
  • Click “Save” button for the changes to take effect.

AVG Do Not track options

For IE, you can access AVG DNT settings directly by clicking on its icon, here also uncheck for “ notify web sites that I do not want to be tracked” option and click on “save” button.

To Remove AVG Do Not Track you need to remove its extension from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

Update: How to Remove AVG Do Not Track  from Firefox

We thought removing AVG Do Not Track from Firefox and other browsers is quite simple, it is in case of Chrome but not in case of Firefox.

AVG Do Not Track can’t be removed but Firefox allows to disable it instead. After trying few ways we finally found the method that removed this add-on from Firefox.

1. AVG 2012 will be installed here

C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2012

and AVG Do Not Track add-on for Firefox will be installed here “

C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2012\Firefox

AVG Do Not Track firefox add-on installed directory

2. Now what I tell you is close Firefox browser if opened and delete “DoNotTrack” folder in the above said directory, check the screenshot above.

3. Now if you open Firefox and check installed extensions AVG Do Not Track won’t be there.