Chrome’s New Tab Page offers two sections: Most visited and Apps. Most Visited section shows thumbnails of sites you visited most where Apps section shows icons of default apps and other apps installed by you along with Chrome web store icon, while default apps like Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube and Google Search comes installed with Chrome to provide  quick access to these services. How often you opened those services by using these apps, for me they’re not necessary instead you could  allow space occupied by them for other apps, here you don’t need to remove these apps you can disable these default apps easily, here is how.

Disabling default web apps on Google Chrome’s New Tab Page

All you need to do right click on Chrome shortcut on desktop and select properties, and in the Target field at the end append


switch after Chrome.exe and click Ok to save the changes.

Chrome NTP with and without default apps

Now these apps have been disabled, but not removed. Now on NTP in Chrome you can only see Chrome web store icon if no other apps installed by you from Chrome web store. To get these apps back again you just need to remove command line switch we added after chrome executable in the Target field.