Ctrl+Enter hotkey which supposed to add www. and .com to website name may not work for you in some cases, this key combo may takes you to Google instead of website, why this is happening? How to make Ctrl +Enter to work for you in Chrome?.

Making Ctrl-Enter hotkey to work for web addresses in Chrome

As you know Chrome’s omnibox autofills searches and URLs typed in the address bar from your browsing history, if you’ve cleared Chrome browser history and searched for a query by pressing enter(remember Chrome instant not enabled here), some time later if you type the same query and used Ctrl +Enter to reach that website, then omnibox may actually takes you to search results page since it remembered your search query and now shows “did you mean to go to http://sitename.com/?” on top, here you can then click on that link to load that site. But that’s not the default behavior you want from Chrome is it not?

did you mean to go to site

If you’re facing this problem, here is the solution I suggest to you

  • Clear Chrome browser history using Ctrl +Shift+Del,
  • Now type the website name and use Ctrl +Enter which now loads the website you’re looking for.
  • Now if you type that website name chrome autofills website URL , however you can always select and search for that query in Google from suggestions in drop down.

Is this working for you let me know? What do you say?