Two annoyances in Windows 8 are Metro Start screen and user will be taken to start screen instead of desktop after startup, there are freeware third-party apps on net which disables metro start screen and enables conventional start menu on Windows 8, Classic Shell, the app which primarily designed to bring Classic Start menu in Windows 7 enables Classic Start menu in Windows 8, till now using Explorer script we can able to boot directly onto Windows 8 desktop  but that’s tedious process, if you’re looking for an app that not only enables classic start menu but also takes you straight to desktop after login in Windows 8, no more searching needed! Classic Shell provides both these features, latest Classic Shell 3.5.1 program update adds “skip metro screen” setting which is selected by default, so all you need to do is install the program and you’re ready to access desktop after startup in Windows 8.

Classic Shell update takes you directly to Desktop by skipping Metro Screen on Startup

Configuring Classic Shell during the setup in Windows 8

Classic Shell also adds Classic Explorer and Classic IE9 to Windows 8 which you can unselect during the setup, i.e you’re only installing Classic Start Menu feature in Windows 8 that brings Start orb (Start menu) and negates metro screen on startup.

From the screenshot below you can see “Skip Metro Screen” option selected by default under Basic Settings of Classic Shell. We’ve installed this program on Windows 8 Release Preview and its working.

skip metro

You can download Classic Shell 3.5.1 from here.