Chrome to get a minor change, Wrench icon on the Chrome toolbar which allows us to access ‘Settings’ menu has to go for all desktop platforms, decided by Chrome team. And interesting part, it is going to be replaced by Hotdogs icon. Wrench icon has been part of Chrome till now, this icon resembles meaning of settings. The new Hotdogs icon seems related to foodie stuff which favored by Chrome team, you can see how this icon looks on Chrome toolbar on Mac OS X from the screenshot below.

Chrome Wrench icon to be removed and replaced by new icon called “hotdogs”

Here is the Chrome team discussion on Issue 137744: Hotdogs  menu icon on all desktop platforms reveals

description: We want to switch the “Wrench menu” out with the new hotdogs icon. This requires revised ConOps documentation, a blog post, and new assets for all desktop clients.

Any new strings? Yes?

Any implications for Google webservices (i.e. sync, translate)? Yes

Chrome hotdogs icon on Mac OS X

Its Chrome team headache’s to update all their Chrome browser help pages with this change, but from now onwards we need to mention this icon for e.g “click on hotdogs icon” instead of “click on wrench icon”, sounds/seems not good.

Let me surprise you, this icon has been already implemented on metro version of Chrome, go and check the Metro Chrome in Windows 8 or you can also confirm it from the below screenshot.

hotdogs icon on Chrome metro version

Thanks to Francois Beaufort ].

What do you say about this change? Will you accept the change of Wrench icon to hotdogs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Update 08/08/12: Chrome wrench icon gone, no more, as we said above it has been replaced 3 horizontal lines icon, the latest Chrome dev update reflects this change.