Mozilla continues to tweak its user interface by removing unnecessary UI elements, using  heatmap data they now able to analyze which UI elements are most used and which not, and they removing less used elements. Lately in Firefox 16 Aurora Context Menu got some UI changes- Send Link has been removed and Reload and Stop buttons have been combined.

We’ve showed both context menus of Firefox 15 and 16 in the screenshot below. Left one represents context menu in Firefox 15 with Reload, Stop, Save Link and other options. Where right one is of Firefox 16 you can see “Send Link” button missing and only Reload appears since the page was already loaded.

Firefox 16:  Send Link Removed, Reload and Stop buttons combined for Context Menu

Mozilla found “Send Link” less important (which normally opens desktop email client outlook), because link can easily be found on location bar. They removed the Reload and Stop buttons, but only one action either Reload or Stop button appears on right-click menu for e.g if page is loading Stop element appears and once the page is loaded Reload button appears instead of Stop. This is something similar we found to combo of Stop and Reload buttons on location bar.

Firefox 15 and Firefox 16 context menus

You can find these changes in Firefox Aurora and nightly builds.

What do you think about these changes?are they necessary?share with us in comments.

Update: Have covered a post to add Send Link feature to Context menu, let me know your opinions there.