Yesterday few users reported in Avast and in another forum that Avast 7.0.1456 program update installed Chrome without user permission, we’ve covered how to set Avast program update to automatic yesterday it self while the default behavior is to ask user to update when its available and we’ve updated the program from 7.0.1451 to 7.0.1456 but since we’d already Chrome installed and the program update set to ask we’re not sure about this.

To test this again we’ve uninstalled Avast and Chrome from my Computer and ran Avast setup- in the first step Avast setup screen showed “Yes, also install Google  Chrome  browser” option selected with Express Install option being selected, and its pretty clearly visible on the screen, user need to pay attention in this step where you can avoid Chrome installation and continue to Avast installation by unchecking installation of chrome option at the bottom. Then Avast will be installed and Chrome will not installed. We’ve found that Avast had not tried to install Chrome with Clean install when you opt-out Chrome installation during the setup. 

We uninstalled Avast again, this time installed “Avast 7 .0.1442” old version and we’ve set the program update to automatic but we’d to click the Update button in Avast UI  after waiting several hours for pop up notification about program update, after installing the update we’ve restarted our Computer and on startup Avast presented on screen with option to install Chrome we unchecked it and clicked the finish button. Everything fine no chrome installed when updated from old version. From the above cases we’ve learned that Avast never tried to install Chrome without user permission, should be the same for other users also.

We even suggest users to try “Custom install” method which I always use for any program (if installer provides) gives more control and you can know which features and services of the program are installed you can uncheck some of them say for eg.Avast gadget , remote Assistance, so that you’re only installing features you need.

Avast offers Chrome install option