If you’re using Avast antivirus on your Computer you should know that Avast offers three types of updates to keep you secure, off these you already knew about virus definition updates and  Program update. Virus Definitions are released daily and programs updates released on weekly or monthly basis whenever new bugs are fixed, improvements made and if new features any added. And Streaming Updates introduced in Avast 7 which are enabled by default with cloud technology pushed by Avast to users whenever new threats were detected in their lab.

Auto Updating Avast Program

It’s the virus definitions for Avast that gets updated automatically not the Program, by default in Avast’s “Update Settings” Automatic update was selected for “Engine and Virus Definitions” but when it comes to the program update Avast asks users to “update” from its UI or from the notification area via pop ups to update to the latest version.

Its good here that Avast not forcing the program updates on users because if one user don’t like a new feature or change added in new program update he might sue Avast for auto updating the program so users are in total control here, it’s left to them to download the update or not. On the other hand I want even Avast Program to update to automatically whenever new one is released, if you’re one of Avast users wants this like me here is how to set Avast to auto update its program.

1.Open Avast user interface >Settings>select Updates on left-side

2. Now on the right pane of Update Settings select “Automatic Update” under Program  and click Ok to save the changes.

Avast Program update settings

3. From now onwards program updates for Avast will be downloaded and installed automatically.