Google’s Feedburner and other services allows us to publish blog posts to Twitter automatically, it seems happening of this is bit difficult in case of Facebook because Facebook’s official method of auto publishing posts isn’t working now (I can’t confirm that, anyone here?). I always looking for a way to auto publish my blog posts to my site Facebook fan page recently I accomplished this successfully via NetworkedBlogs Facebook app. If you’re like me looking to publish blog posts to your Facebook profile or Facebook fan page automatically this is the article that may help you.

facebook page with auto published blog post

Automatically Posing blog posts to Facebook Fan Page or Profile

1. Visit Facebook site in your browser and sign into it with your username and password,

2. Visit Networked Blogs app page on Facebook and here we need to two things: first registering the blog and then syndication of blog feed to Facebook using NetworkedBlogs app.

3.To register your blog click on ”Register a blog” link provided at the top of NB app page

This process doesn’t take much time, its very simple enter your blog home page your URL and on the next page fill mandatory details such as your email address and details about your blog such as blog link, blog name, feed link and select language. Here you can skip optional details such as Tagline, Description and Topics which  you can always fill latter. Now first part is over your blog is successfully registered.

Moving to second part, Syndicating blog feed

4.  Now click on Syndication under Blogger Tools that appears on left side of the page,

  • As first step select your blog name to syndicate from drop down menu,
  • Click on Add Facebook Target  here you can select your Facebook Profile or Facebook Fan page by clicking on “Add” button shown opposite to it.

blog syndication

  • Once added message is shown, click on “Close’ button. That’s it new posts from your blog now on wards will be auto posted to your Facebook and here NB app immediately auto posts test post to Facebook.
  • And NetworkedBlogs app shows how your blog’s new posts appear on Facebook with post thumbnail, title, brief description and links of source and link pointing to your website and full article URL.

customize new post look on facebook

Customize the way new posts appear on Facebook

NB app automatically detects the images in your blog posts and posts them to Facebook along with your blog posts. If no image is found in your blog post then NB uses thumbnail of your blog as image which you can change by clicking  on “Customize post” at the bottom of the page.

You need to also make sure to uncheck “Hide NetworkedBlogs toolbar” at the bottom which appears on top of blog posts and allows other Facebook users share your posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Removing Facebook Fan Page or your profile added from Syndication

You can always remove the Facebook Fan Pages or Profile you added for syndication from NB syndication page whenever you want, so here you’re in total control of the things.