Lavasoft with legendary AntiSpyware technology you may believe Ad-Aware Free Antivirus as Anti-spyware that’s false, Lavasoft offers superfast Antivirus engine for their security product Ad-Aware Free antivirus, both antivirus and anti-spyware engines work together without any conflicts and prevents viruses and spyware from infecting users systems, automatic updates feature checks new threat definitions for every hour and installs them automatically, so you’re protected from new threats. FYI few months back Lavasoft has added enhanced real-time protection, download protection and Game Mode to free users in their version Ad-Aware Free 10. Lavasoft added Safe browsing system and Identity protection features to Ad-Aware Free 10.2.

Safe Browsing system protects users against malicious URLs and integration with ID Watchdog offers Identity Theft and Credit Report Monitoring (currently available to U.S citizens only).

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 10.2 UI

After installing Ad-Aware free AV, we haven’t found any add-ons and toolbars mentioned by Lavasoft in our system, then how it offers browsing protection yet to be known. 

identity monitoring

Activating Ad-Aware Free Antivirus or getting activation key

By default Ad-aware free version works for 30 days only after that it will expire like to Avast Free antivirus, you need to activate Ad-Aware by entering your name and email address- you can do this from UI of antivirus its self. 

Once you received activation key, you can activate it and get protection from all threats for free.

Here is what’s new in Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 10.2

  • Protects against phishing attempts, Trojans, exploit sites, malicious scripts, drive-by downloads, and more.
  • Integration with ID Watchdog provides free credit report monitoring and alerting capabilities to notify users of any critical changes to their credit report that might be an early indicator of identity theft (for U.S customers only).
  • Blocks malware before it has the chance to download.
  • Lavasoft’s malicious site scanning system scans 24/7 for new malicious URLs.
  • Security Toolbar checks for updates every few minutes.
  • Low false positive rate.

Offline installer

You can download offline installer for Ad-aware Free AV 10.2  from here, Lavasoft doesn’t provide offline installer directly on AV download page much like to other programs on their website.

One annoyance we found is that it does take long time to download threat definitions.