Biggest tech companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and PayPal already support DMARC for their services, today Yahoo added DMARC support to its E-Mail system which prevents email receivers from phishing scams. If you don’t know what DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance System): it’s  a work group created by group of fifteen Email service providers tech companies and  like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal and LinkedIn to fight against phishing and Spam email.  DMARC, email authentication framework uses its SPF and DKIM mechanisms to make sure that email receivers on their end to receive verified messages. Once the message is verified email will reach the receiver.

Email senders can use SPF or DKIM mechanism to send messages which can be recognized as legitimate by Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other email providers. According to Google 15% of the non-spam message come from domains protected by DMARC, till now Gmail protects its users from spoofed messages by using DMARC specification now Yahoo Mail joined in the list.

What DMARC support means for Yahoo Mail users does?

For Yahoo! Mail users you will get more verified emails. If you receive a message from bank , DMARC policies requires email to prove indeed it came from the bank otherwise it will not be delivered to your inbox by Yahoo Mail.

With DMARC senders can protect their recipients and the reputation of their domain. They can tell Yahoo on how to handle non-verifiable emails, either keep them out of the inbox, or deliver to bulk. For the Senders Yahoo also provides a report on emails from their domain that could not be verified.

Yahoo says that their email now supports DMARC and will be rolling out globally this week.