Microsoft till now released Developer Preview and Consumer Preview for Windows 8 which are alpha and beta, with accidentally published blog post from in their hardware blog it is confirmed that download links for Windows 8 Release Preview aka Windows 8 RC to go live today, we’re not sure about that till now, surprise! surprise! Windows 8 RP is now available for download, you can download from the links below.

What’s new in Windows 8 Release Preview (in brief)

  • Aero has been ditched to save battery and memory consumption.
  • Windows 8 boots so quickly that you can not even interrupt the booting with F2 or F8 that’s why Microsoft provided “Startup Options” dialog which appears when you restart your Computer, these options can be used for troubleshooting purposes like entering safe mode and disabling driver signing etc..
  • Few new metro apps have been added in this release.
  • Windows 8 RP sports new cursors, boot screen and wallpapers.
  • Metro IE 10 now supports Flash.
  • Multi-Monitor support has been added.
  • New Family Safety features have been added as parents gets weekly “activity reports” of their kids.
  • Though Media Player doesn’t playback DVDs, but Windows Media Center not included in Windows 8 supports playback of DVDs.
  • Windows 8 RP to be available in five  SKUs: Windows 8 for home users, Windows RT, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and, Windows 8 for Chinese.
  • Microsoft blocking all hacks to restore Classic Start Menu in Release Preview, so software giant wants you to live with Metro start menu and they’re not going to allow you to boot directly to desktop also.

Windows 8 Release Preview (32 & 64 bit) ISO Direct Download links

Download Windows 8 RP Web installer from here.

Download Windows 8  Release Preview ISOs

Windows 8 Release Preview Product key : TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF

Here is link to download ISO images of Windows 8 RP in other languages.

You can download the above ISO image and convert it to a DVD using built-in Disk Image burner in Windows 7.  You can also download and use USB/DVD Download tool provided by Microsoft store to boot from USB drive, then Windows 8 RP will be installed much more quicker than when you installed from DVD.