Microsoft has released an optional update in the past for Windows 8 DP which allows users to use it till January 15, 2013, Consumer Preview has been released on March beginning this year and it has been set to expire on January 15 , 2013. Yesterday Microsoft has released Windows 8 Release Preview- if you’re curious or interested to know when your copy of Windows 8 RP expires, here is how to find out.

about Windows

Finding Expiry Date of Windows 8 Release Preview 

1. Open Run Command by using Win +R keys on your keyboard, type “Winver” command without quotes and press Enter

2. “About Windows “ Window displays expiry date as shown below in the screenshot, for me it is showing as January 15 ,2013 which is also same for you irrespective of date you installed RP on your Computer.

So Consumer Preview and Release Preview of Windows 8 set to expire on same date also the case with optional update installed DP users. We’re assuming Windows 8 RTM to release in July, what do you say?