Recently Mozilla has released Firefox 13 with New Tab Page, redesigned Home page, Firefox 14 now moved to Beta channel from Aurora and Firefox 15 is now on Aurora branch. Firefox 13 definitely snappier and more responsive with on demand loading of tabs, what’s in there for users in Firefox 14 -Firefox 14 beta comes with Google Secure Search as default Search engine, site identity has been updated, you can enable plug-ins on demand popularly known as click-to-play and awesome bar autocompletes URLs as you type.

Firefox 14 with Google SSL Search and click-to-play features

HTTPS Google Search is default:

Searches made from Firefox search bar, address bar and Context menu go through a secure connection, except Google and you no one knows searches you’ve performed so far and third-parties like referrers won’t able track you with Google SSL Search has been set as default. Mozilla cares users privacy, this is that extra step they taken after “Do Not Track’.

Site Identity gets an update: To prevent some websites from spoofing of secure connection  with padlock favicons Mozilla made small change to site identity block. From this beta onwards you’ll see more of globe favicon for regular sites and for SSL encryption sites a lock icon and  https will be shown: sites that have extended validation certificate will be shown with green lock icon along with site owner name, sites with mixed http and https contents show a grey triangle.

Enable Click-to-play for Firefox : Websites on the internet are filled with flash content, there are chances that hackers can exploit loopholes in plugins and pages with flash and other plugin content also contributes to slower browsing, you can now enable plug-ins on demand by setting plugins.click_to_play preference value to true in about:config. After that  “play” button appears on plugin content to play.

Awesome bar URL auto-complete: Awesome bar now fills the URL automatically when you  starts to typing.

This beta offers full screen support for  OS X Lion 10.7

You can download Firefox 14 beta from here.