It’s all set for final release of Firefox 13 on 5th of this month, that will  be Tuesday. At present seventh Beta has been released by Mozilla for Firefox beta users via automatic updates, today or tomorrow Mozilla might release Release Candidate which could be the final (stable) version, if you’re using Firefox 12 and don’t know much about what Firefox 13 has in store to offer, here is the article we’re bringing for you.

Firefox 13 New Features

Firefox 13 brings four significant changes: New Tab Page, Redesigned Home page, Tabs on  Demand and Reset button.

Firefox 13

New Tab Page: Firefox finally gets a New Tab Page where Opera has Speed Dial and Chrome has also the New Tab page since it’s introduction. Firefox shows thumbnails for the most visited sites from your browser history. There is a button on top  of right side of the page to hide or show the New Tab Page, if you want to permanently disable New Tab Page read this.

Home page: Firefox redesigned their Home Page which  has links at the bottom for quicker access to Bookmarks, Settings, Sync Downloads, History, Add-ons and Sync. This page has a purpose now and Mozilla in future may use this as portal for App Market also.

Tabs On  Demand: When you restore your Previous session or if Firefox is set to restore tabs and Windows opened from last time, it may take more time for you to interact with Firefox with all tabs needed to be loaded, with Tabs- On-Demand feature Firefox only shows active /visible tab from last session and all others tabs won’t be loaded until and unless selected by you, thus Firefox becomes more responsive, this feature is part of Mozilla’s  Snappy project.

Reset Firefox: Firefox finally gets reset button, you can see this when you open about:support page in your browser or from Firefox menu>Select Help>Troubleshooting Information. You need to use this when Firefox has major problems such as startup failure or feels slow and runs like a old bicycle. After Reset, a new profile will be created with all your bookmarks, passwords, history, cookies, form data migrated old profile but add-ons, themes and Search Engine and Home page settings will be lost. But you’ll feel running a freshly installed Firefox browser after using Reset button.

Mozilla also applied some improvements from their Snappy project to Firefox 13 which improves “First Paint” means when the user interface of Firefox visible on screen for first time to the user. Snappy project including Tabs on Demand feature brings more responsive to Firefox browser, you will definitely like Firefox.We also letting you know about beautiful extension created by Adblock Plus author which suspends actions of background tabs in Firefox, this extension is worth a try. Smooth scrolling is enabled by Default in this release.

This Firefox release enables SPDY pronounced as Speedy which has been introduced by Google as an alternate to HTTP improves page loading and let me tell you all Google services will load much faster than before in Firefox with the enable of SPDY. Firefox 11 has already got SPDY but Preference has been turned off which now enabled in Firefox 13.