Adobe finally fixed crashing issues of its Flash Player 11.3 in Firefox by releasing new version  please note the Flash Version before this update with Protected Mode is 11.3.300.257 and latest version number is 11.3.300.262. If you don’t know Adobe released Flash Player 11.3 with Protected Mode by default for Firefox, but this version of flash has issues as it started crashing in Firefox and also other issues experienced by users like flash videos not played on sites like YouTube, though Adobe and Mozilla suggested workarounds such as disabling of Protected Mode and downgrading to Flash Player 11.2 both are not recommended from the security point of view. But with the current release Adobe has finally fixed flash problem in Firefox.

Download New Flash Player Update from Adobe to Prevent Flash Player from Crashing in Firefox

While it may take a while for Flash Player background updater on your Computer to catch the update, you can download this version of Flash and install on your PC to continue access flash content in a Sandbox securely  in Firefox browser without any issues.

flash player 11.3.300.262

Those who’ve downgraded to Flash 11.2 are advised to upgrade to this version and users who disabled protected Mode temporarily needs to turn on Sandbox for Flash Player in Firefox before or after installing this version.

How to confirm Protected Mode is enabled for Flash Player in Firefox?

Protected Mode is enabled for Flash player in Firefox if two processes named “FlashPlayerPlugin_11_3_300_262.exe” appears running on the Task Manager under Processes tab.

Download Flash Player from here.

Direct download link or offline installer for this Flash Player version.

We’ll update here with more information once Adobe announces about this update on their blog.

Update: Flash Player 11.3  release notes confirms that Flash issues in Firefox have been fixed.

Here is what said in release notes

Fixed issues”

Users experience crashes while viewing Flash content in Firefox on Windows(3211153)”

This blog post from Adobe also mentions the same.