Setting the default browser in Windows 8 is very tedious till Release Preview of Windows 8, thanks to Microsoft they made things lot easier for the users now in their Release Preview. All chaos or difficulties faced by users in setting default browser other than Internet Explorer in Windows 8 comes to an end with RP of Windows 8. As you know Internet Explorer  in Metro is the default browser in Windows 8, if you want to set Chrome as your default browser in Windows 8 here is how it can be done.

Making Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 8

1. After installing Chrome, close all browsers running (specially Internet Explorer) before launching Chrome.

2. Now open Chrome and from the Wrench icon select “Settings” scroll down and click on “Make Google Chrome my default browser”

3. If you’ve not disabled UAC it will pops up preventing Chrome from making changes to your Computer, click on “Yes” to allow.

4. Now “Set Program Associations” window opens for Chrome, here select “HTTP”, “HTTPS” protocols, and you can also select “.htm”, “.html” extensions to open with Chrome, once your selection is over click on “Save” button to save the changes.

set program associations

5. That’s it Chrome is the default browser in Windows 8 now, if you click on any links now  they’ll be opened in Chrome instead of with IE.

chrome default browser