Its always tough to judge files we’re going to download from new and non-reputed sites are safe or contains malware, when it comes to reviewing freeware apps from new sites as a blogger I first make sure that it is virus free before recommending to readers on my blog, so we download those files and obviously upload that file to VirusTotal which scans that file with 40+ antiviruses, if one result shows it as malware we may ignore as false positive but if most of results indicate it as virus or Trojan we don’t review them. If you’ve lot of files you need to check in VirusTotal that’s very long process since you need to upload each file one by one, there is “VirusTotal Uploader” available on VirusTotal which reduces some of the process, is there any desktop tool offered by VirusTotal which performs file scan without need of uploading the file ? no not any till now, meet VirusTotal Scanner desktop tool which after installing on your Computer  lets you drag and drop any suspicious file to its interface to scan in VirusTotal without uploading the file, it does this by performing hash based Scan.

VirusTotal Scanner

Scan any file using VirusTotal from desktop without actually uploading the file :VirusTotal Scanner

Launch the tool after install from desktop or you can run it from Portable version too, what you need to do is drag and drop a file you want to scan on VirusTotal onto app user interface, once file is selected its MD5 and SHA256 values are shown, click on “Virus Total Scan” to perform the scan, which searches in VirusTotal and shows the VT report there after.

VirusTotal scan report

“This tool performs hash based scan on VirusTotal thus reducing the time taken to upload the file.”

VirusTotal Scanner integrates with Context Menu , so you can easily start a scan from any file by right-clicking and selecting the program.

Unfortunately this program crashed when we tried to scan the file after selection, can’t confirm whether this issue is on our end or on program side, you can tell me how this program working on your computer. We  can expect the developer of this program to fix this if it crashes for all.

You can uninstall this program from its installation directory which obviously can be found under ProgramFiles.

Download VirusTotal Scanner

Update: Try  to run this program under Windows XP Sp3 compatibility mode, it worked for us, check the screenshot shared above.