We don’t know this- Gmail users in Germany have address ends up with @googlemail.com where it’s @gmail.com for all users worldwide except Germany. Gmail Germany blog announced today that from now onwards Gmail.com address is available to Gmail users in Germany also.

“All new accounts receive from eine@gmail.com-Adresse now. If you have already eine@googlemail.com-Adresse, you can soon be @ gmail.com change. Even after the change you will continue to receive all messages sent eure@googlemail.com-Adresse and all your emails, contacts and account settings will remain unchanged. In addition, you can switch back at any time to change your opinion if you should.”

switch from googlemail to gmail

From today onwards new accounts receive @gmail.com address. Existing users can switch to gmail.com domain from googlemail.com, for that they need to click on Gmail Settings and further click on “Accounts and Import” tab and need to click on “change example@gmail.com” link.

After the change you can still receive all the messages send to abc@googlemail.com in your gmail.com address inbox. Your contacts, emails and account settings won’t be changed and you can later change your mind and switch back to @googlemail.com address at any time if you want. Here you should know that you’re not creating a new account your address of the account will be changed.

gmail.com address is reserved for usernames, you don’t need to worry about that. For example if you’ve example@googlemail.com, gmail.com will be automatically reserved for example username.

You can read more details here.