We’ve covered that Mozilla already began developing Metro version of Firefox for Windows 8, we shared some screenshots too, today Google announced in their Chromium blog that they’d already began working on Chrome in Metro mode and now its first release will be available in the next developer channel, you can try it on current Windows 8 RP when available. Metro Chrome will run on desktop and metro environments of Windows 8 on X86 but not on WinRT as Mozilla said Microsoft doesn’t not allows other browsers to run on platform.

Get ready to try Metro Chrome in  Windows 8 Release Preview

Google also shared screenshot of it, we hardly found the difference between current Chrome UI and the metro one. From seeing above screenshot we can judge there will be no wrench button, and some sort of Maximize button appears above it. We can wait for few days as we know more about it like its UI and how it works when Chrome dev. Channel is available.

Metro Chrome

First release of Chrome in Metro to support Charms and Snap View features. Touch support will be improved over the next few months after the initial release. Google said Chrome in Windows 8 will be fast, simple and secured for browsing.