Today we’ve covered about Official release of Avast 7.0.1451 with SiteCorrect and Emergency Update features, another notable addition in this program update is support of WebRep in  Opera browser, so if you’ve already installed Opera on your Computer Avast WebRep plugin will be automatically installed with this update and shows reputation ratings for websites and search results in search engines like Google,Bing, etc.. But let me tell you much like to Chrome Canary WebRep also doesn’t support Opera Next by default, FYI Opera Next is the developer release of Opera like to Chrome Dev./Canary allows to test upcoming Opera version features, if you want WebRep ratings to be shown for websites and search results in Opera Next here is how to manually install it.

WebRep ratings in Opera Next

Manually Installing WebRep Plugin in Opera Next

1. All you need to do is navigate to the following directory in Windows Explorer

“C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\WebRep\Opera”

2. And  then drag and drop “wrc” extension onto Opera Next, Opera Next shows extension install dialog, click “Yes” to install it.

3. That’s  it! WebRep has been successfully installed for Opera Next and now you can see WebRep icon at the end of Address bar in Opera Next.