Back in February this Year Adobe announced public beta of Protected Mode (sandboxing) for Firefox on Windows, till now users are testing beta version of Flash Player 11.3 for Firefox. Today Adobe has released Flash Player 11.3 for Firefox that includes Protected Mode similar to that found in Adobe Reader X and Flash Player on Google Chrome. Protected Mode is enabled by default and with this Flash Player files are displayed inside Sandbox. Sandbox limits the attacks from malicious SWF file targeted against Flash Player on Windows.

After installing the Flash Player 11.3 for Firefox on Windows when you run Process Explorer from SysInternals after selecting show “Process Tree “from View menu so that you can see  Firefox’s plugin-container.exe process running with two same child processes of  “FlashPlayerPlugin_11_300_257.exe” running under Process column, these are called  broker and Sandbox processes. Once Flash  Player sandbox is disabled, you can only see plugin_container.exe and Firefox.exe of Firefox running on Task Manager.

process hierarchy for Firefox with sandbox enabled

Flash Player 11.3 release also brings background updater of Flash Player on Mac and Adobe started using Apple Developer ID certificate in signing for their products including Flash Player 11.3 and future releases also, so  Flash Player’s installation won’t be without being blocked by gatekeeper on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. If Flash Player installation is blocked it may be a phishing attack, remember to always download flash from Adobe website.

Flash Player 11.3 Offline Installers



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