Recently Adobe has released Flash Player 11.3 for Firefox with Protected Mode on by default, this version of Flash crashing in Firefox and videos on sites like YouTube are not playing by showing an error message, while Mozilla and Adobe are already working to fix these issues meanwhile they’re suggesting some workarounds to fix these.

Fixes for Flash Player 11.3 not loading videos in Firefox

If you’re using Firefox with Real Player installed on your Computer, then you’ve to follow these steps

  • Turn off web download & Recording in Real Player
  • Disable Real Player’s Browser Record add-on in Firefox
  • if above issues persists then uninstall Real Player from your Computer.

If the above steps don’t resolve the issues with Flash then downgrade to Flash Player 11.2, you can find more detailed instructions here.

But since Flash Player 11.2 has some vulnerabilities which were fixed with Flash 11.3 release , if you don’t want to downgrade to flash 11.2 then try disabling flash player protected Mode to stay on latest  version of Flash 11.3. We’re using Firefox 14 Beta 7 with Protected Mode disabled for Flash Player- we’re not experiencing these issues.

Are you facing above said issues with Flash 11.3? share with us in comments.