According to Google there‘re still half million Computers are infected with DNSChanger malware worldwide, when replacement servers by FBI were shutdown on July 9th those affected users will loose internet access. Google already started warning DNSChanger affected users by showing a message on top of their search results page to remove the malware, Avira had released DNSChanger removal tool in the past, you can also visit this site to check your system for infection of DNSChanger. Security vendor F-Secure has released DNS Check tool which helps to reset DNS settings altered by DNSChanger to a clean state.

Reset DNSChanger Affected DNS Settings to a Clean State with F-Secure DNSCheck

If you run this tool, it scans your system’s DNS Settings in the registry for DNS alterations, if your DNS Settings matches that off rogue DNS IPs of DNSChanger botnet then you can click  on “clean” button. This tool also provides you three options to reset DNS Settings to choose from: DHCP, OpenDNS and Google DNS.

F-Secure DNS Check

User need to run this tool with administrator privileges.

Final words

DNSCheck tool from F-Secure doesn’t remove DNSChanger malware, you can use either Removal tool for DNSChanger released by Avira or use F-Secure’s EasyClean tool. DNSCheck only checks for alterations in DNS Settings from DNSChanger and then allows user to reset DNSChanger affected DNS Settings to default ones.

You can download this tool from here.