The default behavior of Windows Explorer in any Windows version we know when we drag and drop a file from one folder to another is it simply moves that file, however after file selection you can use Ctrl/Shift/Alt buttons to copy/move/Create shortcut for that file. Users mostly copies files, they don’t want files to be moved. If you want Windows Explorer by default to copy the item when you drag-n-drop you can do that with Drag ‘n’ Drop Editor, similarly you can also make create shortcuts as default behavior for Explorer with this app.

Change Windows Explorer’s default behavior for Drag and Drop feature

Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run the program executable. On the program window you can click on anyone from three default actions for drag and drop feature: Copy item, Move item and  Create Shortcut. Here you should know that Alt/Ctrl/Shift key modifiers behavior won’t be changed with your default selection from the program.

Drag & Drop Editor

To revert to Explorer default settings for drag-n-drop click on “Uninstall Explorer Tweaks” on the program window.

Drag ‘n’ Drop Editor works on from Windows XP to Windows 8, here developer made native versions for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Users using other versions of Windows need to install .Net Framework 3.5 on their Computers to run Windows 7 version of app.

You can download this program from here.