Yesterday Microsoft released Consumer Preview of Windows 8 for users, most of users don’t know by till now that Microsoft will enable “Do Not Track” for IE10 in Windows 8 and it is the first browser to do so in Windows 8. We’ve left with corrupted downloaded ISO file so can’t confirm this in Windows 8 RP (any one? here). Mozilla offers DNT for Firefox to opt-out of behavioral tracking from websites and advertising companies but Mozilla left the choice to users in enabling the option. It’s a surprise on Microsoft’s part as it boasts there is only one browser i.e  IE10 that comes with DNT enabled by default in Windows 8, but here websites also need to respect the signal send by IE 10.  

Microsoft enables DNT for IE10 in Windows 8

Though IE9 browser offers Tracking Protection Lists (TPLs)  which helps users to protect their privacy, with DNT feature on in IE10 Microsoft said in a blog post they remain committed to TPLs in IE10 in Windows.

“We’ve made today’s decision because we believe in putting people first. We believe that consumers should have more control over how information about their online behavior is tracked, shared and used. Online advertising is an important part of the economy supporting publishers and content owners and helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to go to market. There is also value for consumers in personalized experiences and receiving advertising that is relevant to them”

Microsoft owns advertising network for their web properties and they announced in February that their Advertising intends to treat DNT as opt-out f behavioral advertising. Its seems Microsoft doesn’t responds to DNT signal now yet,  but they’re actively working with other advertising companies on plans for how implementation plan for DNT  looks like in the future.

“While there is still work to do in agreeing on an industry-wide definition of DNT, we believe turning on Do Not Track by default in IE10 on Windows 8 is an important step in this process of establishing privacy by default, putting consumers in control and building trust online.”