If  you haven’t downloaded Windows 8 RP you can download from here, we’ve covered how to add Windows Media Center for free in Windows 8 RP, we’ve also noted that Microsoft will enable Do Not Track by default for IE10 in Windows 8, yes this change applies to current Release Preview also. It’s Microsoft who took the decision to turn on DNT by default for their browser, but this privacy choice should have been left to the user as Mozilla done. It’s good that IE10 comes with DNT on by default and is the only browser in Windows 8 to support also- boasted by Microsoft. 

Here websites should also respect DNT signal from IE10 browser, whole web not adopted DNT yet. If you ask why do I need to disable IE10’s DNT feature? I can say an example that for “Tailored suggestions“ feature which Twitter suggests whom to follow from other users visits to websites you visit, Yea! Twitter is tracking you for that feature. Twitter recently added support for Do Not Track and Tailored suggestions feature won’t work If DNT is  turned on or when enabled in IE10, here is how to disable Do Not Track in IE10.

no tailored suggestions when DNT is on

Disabling Do Not Track in IE 10 in Windows 8

1. Open Desktop IE, from Tools menu select Internet Options

2. Click on “Advanced” tab in Internet options, scroll down and under “Security” uncheck or remove tick mark for “Always send Do Not Track header*”

always send do not track Header option

3. Restart the browser for the changes to take effect and now DNT has been turned off in IE10, you can enable from Advanced Tab of Internet Options Window whenever you want.

You can confirm DNT status for IE10 when turned on or off by visiting this page from Mozilla