With multi-process architecture model Chrome some times scares you with number of processes it runs and memory it consumes, too many extensions installed for Chrome also slows down Chrome’s performance and most of these extensions will be idle until user interacts with them but they’ll be running in background eating memory, something Google considering to reduce. Today Google added Event Pages feature to Chrome extension system which unloads an event page if an extension becomes idle and frees its memory and these pages loads only when they’re  needed.

Google puts an end to Extensions high memory usage with Event Pages

Event Pages are similar to background pages, “rather than running in the background all the time, an event page only runs when it is handling events. Once an event page becomes idle, it is unloaded, freeing memory until the next time it’s needed.”

Task Manager showing memory usage of Chrome extensions

To support this feature Chrome team has developed three new APIs: alarms API, new events, declarative version of the webRequestAPI. Event Pages feature now available in Chrome dev. channel, soon this feature will be landed on Beta and stable channels.