Dev. version of Chrome now shows an extra option “Deauthorize content licenses”  for “Clear Browsing Data” dialog, this is related to Flash Player and unchecked by default. Online Global Flash Settings Manager offers this option, and Flash Settings Manager in Windows too offers this, Google now integrating Flash Player Native Control Panel settings one by one into Chrome settings UI. Deauthorize content licenses is the first flash player setting to get added to Chrome. What this setting means? When to use it?

Some content on internet such as movies and music are protected by their providers using Flash access. Users first need to get licenses before playing protected content, if you purchase or rent this protected content, then their licenses will be automatically downloaded to your Computer, Flash Player saves these licenses.

Google Chrome: “Obliterate the following Items from the Beginning of the Time” [Meaning]

Psst! Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) may come in handy next time

Update: This has been now changed to ‘Content licenses’ in latest versions of Chrome, you should never check or select it before attempting to clear browsing data, unless you know what you’re doing.

Deauthorizing content licenses for protected content via Chrome’s Clear browsing data dialog

If user wants to sell or donate or dispose his Computer or prevent unauthorized users from playing protected content in his Computer, then user can either click on “Deauthorize this Computer “option that can be found in Flash Player Settings Manager in Windows or can use “deauthorize content licenses” option in Chrome to reset these licenses, users can’t access or play those videos then. There is also a case where content providers advise you to reset license files when content is not playing correctly.

deauthorize content licenses option

You’re warned!- by resetting license files you can’t play movies or music from content providers you purchased until new licenses from those providers are downloaded by you to your Computer.