Cleaning tool from Piriform CCleaner got an Update, CCleaner v3.20 has been released with support for Windows 8 Release Preview and recently released Opera 12 browser and this version sports Context Menu Manager for Windows Explorer which lets you disable or delete unneeded items. And there are other updates, improvements and bug fixes contained in this release.

CCleaner now supports Windows 8 RP and Opera 12

It seems CCleaner ready for Windows 8, the latest release adds compatibility for Windows 8 Release Preview, if you’ve used CCleaner on Windows 8 RP please share your thoughts on how this tool has  worked you. Recently Opera 12 final has been released, so Piriform added support for Opera 12 to their tool.

CCleaner gets Context Menu Manager for Windows Explorer

Significant and notable addition in this release is Windows Explorer Context Menu Management- you can find this in “Startup” section under Tools. As the Context Menu displays all the Items that can be found on right-click menu of a file, CCleaner now lets you disable or delete from this tab.  This will be very useful as now you can clear unnecessary entries on context Menu using CCleaner.

Context Menu Management tab in CCleaner

Here is what’s new in CCleaner v3.20

  • Added Windows Explorer Context Menu management to Startup tool.
  • Added Windows 8 Release Preview compatibility.
  • Added Opera 12 support.
  • Updated History cleaning for Aurora.
  • Updated History cleaning for Chrome Canary.
  • Improved UAC bypass code.
  • Improved accuracy for uninstall items installation date and size.
  • Improved Scheduled Tasks detection.
  • Improved cleaning algorithm duplication detection.
  • Improved file and setting removal when uninstalling.
  • Minor bug fixes.

You can Download CCleaner from here.