We’ve recently covered release of Beta Program update of Upcoming Avast 7 Antivirus, we noted in that article Avast offers SiteCorrect feature which prevents user from visiting misspelled sites (typo squatting sites), and there are some changes in AutoSandbox module (we yet don’t’ know what they are) and Opera Brower support in WebRep, today Avast has released RC1 with the addition of emergency Updater feature, this feature suppose to include in all three editions of Avast:Free, Pro and Internet Security.

What is Emergency Update feature in avast? what does it do?

We’ve covered a troubleshooting post on Avast in the past which requires users to reinstall Avast in certain circumstances where Avast service fails to start, at that situation user had no other choice than of reinstalling Avast, from the upcoming official release onwards if all users affected with this sort of issue then Avast using emergency update mechanism can push updates to fix those issues like Mozilla and Google push some small updates for Firefox and Chrome.

“A new feature — allows us to push out critical product updates in case of some big issues where the main avast service is not able to start / crashing.
Such situations, till this new version, meant the user had to reinstall avast as there was no way for us to fix such problems from remote.
With this new mechanism, we can push out fixes even to such issues”.

"C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastEmUpdate.exe" is the path of the Avast Emergency Update process. There are less chances of this process appearing in Task Manager, we don’t know whether it is by default scheduled to run daily on startup or not. We’ll let you know more details about this feature once final release comes out.