In February this year, Avast has released Avast 7 by adding FileRep, streaming updates, Remote Assistance features with initial support for Windows 8, today Avast has released beta of upcoming program update for Avast 7 which adds SiteCorrect feature, WebRep plugin for Opera and some changes to AutoSandbox module.

Here is what’s new Avast 7 Beta version 7.0.1442

  • Changes in the autosandbox module
  • Improvements in Remote Assistance (support for UAC prompts etc.)
  • Opera support in WebRep
  • SiteCorrect module for the detection of unwanted websites
  • Windows 8 compatibility updates

Note: Above we’ve covered the features beta offers for free users only.

Opera gets WebRep plugin

WebRep introduced in Avast 6 uses information received from global Avast user community for websites related to content and websites to show ratings for websites and on search results in search engines like Google, Bing. WebRep till now supports IE, Firefox and Chrome with this release WebRep support for Opera has been added.

Avast gets SiteCorrect Check feature

SiteCorrect feature warns you when you enter website URLs wrongly, for e.g if you enter “” instead of SiteCorrect feature prompts to you to visit SiteCorrect feature works in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. This feature is part of WebRep aka ‘Browser Protection” feature if you remove WebRep plugin for any browser this feature also gets removed.

Avast SiteCorrect

You can download this Beta program update for Avast 7 from here.