Finally Avast 7.0.1451 has been released, recently we’ve talked about Beta and RC versions  of this program update, new program update for Avast brings SiteCorrect feature which alerts you  you from visiting misspelled websites or typosuatting websites and from this version onwards Avast to use Emergency Updater to issue updates whenever  necessary to fix issues like Avast service fails to start/crashes on startup on user machines.

This release brings changes in AutoSandbox module, improvements in Remote Assistance (support for UAC Prompts) and WebRep plugin for Opera has been added. Other changes include Outlook plugin redesign and Windows 8 Compatibility updates.

Avast 7.0.1451

WebRep should be enabled and working for SiteCorrect feature to work

SiteCorrect feature works on IE, Opera, Firefox and Chrome browsers, you should know that if you disable or uninstall WebRep for any or all supported browser then SiteCorrect feature won’t work.  SiteCorrect and WebRep are part of Avast’s “Browser Protection” module.

You can download this program update from here.